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There are three good reasons why as a progressive accountancy practice you should have a conversation with Mi Crow.

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Because you’re in a crowded market where your potential clients see you exactly the same as they see all of your competition. You might like to think it’s different to that, but it isn’t. But as a Mi Crow Partner you start to make it so because you’re showing yourself to be a practice that actually does think more broadly than just the simple numbers.


Because it’s never been more important to have something else to talk about and understand how your clients are ensuring that their staff are becoming as effective as possible to generate business growth and broaden their development.

Added Value

Because the holy grail for any accountancy practice right now is to be seen as a true value-added partner by your clients, yet your clients just see you as a cost. You might wish and pretend and hope that it was different to that, but it genuinely isn’t the case. As a Mi Crow Partner you start to make it what you want it to be.

We know you’re very busy, so we’ve done it all for you!

Apart from Fanatical Support and Customer Care you’ll get…

We Don’t Just Create Great Content - We Live, Eat and Breathe Everything We Do!

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It’s 2024 and video is everywhere...

In 2009 YouTube finally accepted video in 1080p, the Vatican launched its YouTube Channel and we, that is Linda and Michael Shane, launched Quasar Anytime, our first if not probably ‘the first’ video-based online training solution for Microsoft Office in the UK.

It’s been a hell of a ride and 3,000 videos later we can safely say we’ve learnt a thing or two and we know what works and what doesn’t!

The coolest, quickest, smartest way to learn

Let’s face it, most online content is long and boring. People, your people, want it easy and simply don’t want to spend a lot of time learning online. They didn’t way back in 2009 and they certainly don’t today.

So we make our videos short, in fact less than 3 minutes long. They get right to the point of learning. That means you learn what you want, when you want and where you want. They are without doubt simply the coolest, quickest, smartest way to learn new skills.

But enough of all that – who are we?

Chief Creator of Solutions That Work

We’re innovators and creators of world-class content. We’re disruptors in our industry.

We deliver amazing products and services. But most importantly, we’re people that care passionately about you and we do whatever we can, going above and beyond, to make sure that you’re looked after and that our products and services always work for you.

We live, eat and breath Mi Crow, and like most business owners, we  dream Mi Crow too!

Director of Customer Happiness

It takes more than two to make a Mi Crow course!

In fact it takes a lot more than you’d think…
Together we work hard to bring you the best, most engaging, most cost-effective content we can, working closely with our partners to make sure it’s what they want.

This is what they say about us...

Mi Crow has been a great platform for our customers to implement bitesize learning in their own time. It’s easy to digest and the feedback that we have had is great!
Rick Wilmott

Rick Wilmot

Cheeky Munkey

This platform allows us to provide our employees with this opportunity to get themselves ready for the next stage in their career, whilst also helping us to grow higher performing leaders! Add to this Mi-Crow’s amazing content in areas like resilience, mental well-being and confidence building and we have platform which ticks so many boxes with easy implementation, affordable costing and effective content.
Gemma Banks

Gemma Banks

Connect Assist

Partnering with Microw has been great for our clients and our business. Engagement has increased and training is an intrinsic part of our value add. We cannot recommend MiCrow enough.
Simon Ghent

Simon Ghent

Fifth Square

The Must Have Ingredients

We’ve spoken to lots of Accountants, just like you, listened to what they wanted and delivered these Must Have Ingredients.

1. We make it all very easy for you

We know you’re very busy so we’ve built you a platform that’s quick and super easy to use and administer.


With relevant, engaging and true value-added content to increase employee skills, productivity and business growth.


You’ll get a customised platform with your logo, your strapline and your colours. You can even rebrand it to your practice.

4. Your Content Always Updated

We work tirelessly to keep your content up to date and current.


We keep giving you more and more for just a small monthly subscription.